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Saturday, 21 September 2019

MY LOVE FOR STATIONERY: Sayonara Stationery Giveaway by NiniHanini

I saw this giveaway when i visited a blog named ninihanini. (You can click the picture above if you would like to join the giveaway too!) I love stationery, I love all those cute things! So i don't really want to miss the opportunity to win all these cute little stuff. ngeeee~ In the past, i love to collect all cute erasers, (burger eraser, pizza eraser, and all other type of erasers which is cute). I won't use them, i will just keep them because of the cuteness. lol I also collected cute stickers to stick them on my notes, my planner and etc. But i won't stick all of them, i will only use those "less cute" stickers only. haha It became a habit to buy notebooks, and planner.... writing half way and yeah turn to a new book just because of my ugly handwriting?  haha Then i turned my obsession to colored pen. All those glitter pens.... but not sure where did i keep them hahaha (after i start working, i stop buying all these things so  now i think i would like to restart my obsession, back to track!)
im not good in flatlays, im just showing what i have now hahaha so stop judging me
Yea in the past, i don't really have money to buy all those things, i kept my own pocket money which is obviously given by my parents at the first place for me to eat at school lol Growing older, i'm 26 years now, my love towards stationery still there. I joined a dropship program selling all those cute stationery and planners (if you are interested to buy you are welcome to visit my IG shop @kawaiiunnieshop) with hope that someday i could buy all those cute little things hehehe (for now there are so many things that need me to spend moneyyy so bye-bye love). I also currently in the mode of decorating my table for my blogging, and i bought few things to make it look nicer. hehe Perhaps if i placed all these cute stuff, cards and etc on my table, it will be so much better. I guess if i win this giveaway i could be the happiest person on earth? hahaha 
Between these two pack, Sayo Pack and Nara Pack, i wish i could win Nara Pack! Why? Because of the cute Daiso Alpaca Letter Set and Handmade Kitty Pouch. ngee they are so cute and irresistible :P

Okay guys thanks for reading. Adios ~