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Thursday 19 April 2018

Shop Backdrop: A Good Quality Backdrops for Photography

As a blogger, i really need to have a special spot with a good lighting and nice-looking background behind my back especially during my indoor shoots. So, i have been searching for the right place (i prefer to shop via online as i had limited time to go and find it by myself) and found this website, Shop Backdrop


Shop Backdrop is an online photography background company. They provide the latest choices, the best prices, the complete size range, as well as the customized and most diverse choices of all backgrounds. They also provide flooring for your background to enhance your photos which will give you a complete photographs, just like shooting in the studio. Paste the floor background paste at the bottom of the background, and start shooting. We can also customize both, backgrounds and flooring to the size we need. 

The Good Sides:

Made with a velvety cloth, it is completely matte, no glare and easy to carry and to be kept. Wont wrinkles easily and can be washed using Machine. All backdrops also usually will be sent by folded without crease problem. 

I have been eyeing few collections of their backdrops and i had fallen for their birthday and abstract backdrops. This web is super friendly as they had already divided the types or themes of backdrops to ease users on searching their favorite backdrops. 

Some of my picks among all (actually there's a quite long list i haven't went through everything as i had already in love with these backdrops

Good thing is we can choose the size that we want and ask them to custom made our backdrops!
They accept VISA, Mastercard and also American Express. All orders are shipped via DHL, DPD or UPS unless otherwise stated). For Asia (India, Japan, etc.) worry not, usually it takes 6-8 business days only to be processed. Oh yes they were actually shipping worldwide!

Hey some of you might think of this: the price + the shipping fees. If you calculated the price it could be a little bit pricey for some Asian, but the quality overcomes everything. For more info, checkout their website here. ❤


  1. cantik backdrop semua..nnti kne pi tgk tu

  2. macam menarik je tapi part pembayaran tu hukhuk

  3. banyak pilihan menarik .... rambang mata nak pilih ...

  4. Aa, untuk yg wat live atau amek video tu elok sgt ad backdrop.