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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Top Make Up Items 2017



TOP TRENDING MAKE UP ITEMS 2017 | Women can't never stop scrolling the web  to find out new makeup trends and i admit it as i am one of it. haha No women hates makeup, if there is, trust me they are lying lol πŸ˜… Women can NEVER resist the temptation of purchasing new makeup items as it is our beauty staples. Each of us has our own top choices but what will actually be trending this year? If you are a makeup lover, you will probably know this. However for the ladies who are in the beginner stage or are still in the learning process, read on the favourite make up items that are predicted to be rocking this year.

ONE : Matte Madness

Matte is a key to 90's beauty trend, and it's starting to make a come back this 2016/2017. Matte lipsticks have always been a top choice by women since its existence. Why? Because it has that perfect texture which makes our lip colour last longer and more natural. Although it may be a bit dry but by keeping your lips moisturized before applying it on, it will definitely bring out your sexy side with ease. Among the top matte lipstick shades are nude, coral and light pink. But red and plum shades are also seen to be women’s favourite choices this year for more dramatic effect. Matte foundation for those with oily skin and skip the blush with a matte bronzer would made your makeup looks more natural. 

SECOND : Bold Pink Blush, and eyelids

Pink hues trend for the cheek, and eyeshadows seems to be rocking this year too. Great tips, you should try applying a bold pink or rosy-like blusher up to the temple with a bright peachy pink colour on your eyelids which definitely completes your makeup of the day. 😚

THIRD : Falsies

Ladies, your makeup will be incomplete without falsies. Trust me. πŸ˜‰ Falsies or fake eyelashes are seen to be one of the most important beauty piece in a woman’s make up kit. Some prefer the natural falsie lashes for an everyday look while others go for a thicker piece. Fake eyelashes are adored by women because it helps enhances the eyes and you can skip the mascara touch. For a great effect, wear a nice coloured contact lens together with your favourite falsies.

FOURTH : Glittery, Shimmery-Look and Highlight

Glitters for the eyelids, glitters for the underliners, glitters for the cheeks and lips.. Glitters and shimmers for everything.. All seems to be trending this year. Let's try and experimenting with glitter on the eyes for the night out, dinner or special occasions. Highlighting your cheeks makes your makeup looks more exclusive.

FIFTH : Bronzer

Do you know, contouring is the best way for you to hide your original facial features? Use bronzer to shape your facial feature into a more refined or thin, V-shape face. With the power of bronzers, it can be a dream comes true. Use the right contour technique using the bronzer shade which matches your skin tone and you will definitely get that air brushed makeup look. 

All this 5 make up items going to be trending this year.  Isn't it exciting ?
What are you waiting, go get them! πŸ˜œ



  1. Kak ana cuba nak beli matte hari tu tp tak kena dgn bibir kering kak ana. Lepas baca ni baru tau kena apply pelembab dulu. So boleh lah cr lepas ni satu.

    1. Kan? Sapu je vaseline pastu matte lipstick tu hehe

  2. Highlight and shimmer, and also pink color are what i am trying to do on my makeup

    XX Atheera | XX

  3. Actually im not very good in make up world. And mostly, i only use natural make up such as powder face/aloe vera, eyeliner,eyebrow,mascara and lipbalm or vaseline. But honestly i really do love to watch make up tutorial on instagram. Its pretty awesome. Yes, agree. conturing is magic.. Ur face will look different from the original. But i still dont know how to use. huhuhu