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Monday, 30 October 2017

10/30/2017 11:55:00 pm

Althea Box #32 Lazy Sunday Box Unboxing and Review


Everyday is my lazy day. So I think I should just lay down in my room and relax, chilling… and update another review about Althea. Yes, Althea! This is not my first time shopping with Althea (my previous post is here) and It would not be a surprise if there will be another Althea’s haul in the future (because I’m getting addicted to it) lol  


If you have not heard about Althea before, Althea is a No. 1 digital destination for all things K-beauty - shopping, lifestyle, and trends. If you are looking for K-beauty products with a great price, Althea is the right place!

Every month, Althea will release 2 types of beauty boxes; Althea boxes with specific themes and trend boxes. Each box can hold from 5 to 12 full sized products depending on theme and value. So this time, I bought “Althea Lazy Sunday Box”.

Althea Lazy Sunday Box

This “Althea Lazy Sunday Box” contains 6 full sized products; made and shipped directly from Korea! I will reveal them soon so you need to keep on reading. Haha 

This box contains:

  • 1004 Laboratory Deep Blue Caviar Collagen Mist
  • Calmia Cleansing Tissue
  • Wangskin Soothing Cream
  • The Saem Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher – Coral Ending
  • Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro – Sand
  • Laneige Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack

All this worth RM 394.00 and I bought it for only RM 110!  That is why you should buy them in box instead of individually, you can save a lot and buy more makeups from Althea lol And.. doesn't mean you can only use this box on Sunday, you can use whenever you feel like it.

My most wanted product in this box is Laneige Fresh Claming Quick Toner Pack. It is very easy to use and refreshing. Each box contains 20 pieces toner pack.  Apply the toner pack on your cheeks and forehead for 2~3 minutes. If you by this individually, it may cost you RM 89 after Althea’s discount.

Personal Review: Frankly, I do love it ! Cold and refreshing for your skin. My skin felt so much better after using it. Thumbs up!

Rate: 5/5  

Wangskin Soothing Cream. It works wonder as a moisturizer, essence and serum to your skin (if you are a lazy person, you definitely need this!), keeps them hydrated and the most important thing is, it does not contain harmful substances. Also suitable for those with sensitive skin. If you by this individually, it may cost you RM 47 after Althea’s discount.

Personal Review:  No scent (means does not contain parfum which is not good for your skin), covers open pores very well and smooth feelings after using it. Absorb to your skin very well too. 

Rate: 5/5

If your skin tend to be dry, refresh them by using Deep Blue Caviar Collagen Mist. It keeps your skin moist and tight. Makeup also stay longer than before and does not easily crack. Spray to your skin and pat until it absorb to your skin. If you by this individually, it may cost you RM 43 after Althea’s discount.

Personal Review: Cold and refreshing ! Use it when your skin feel dry and need some moisture. Definitely would help. The smell is good too not sure what is the smell, but it was a pleasant smell.

Rate: 4/5

Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro, I have been wanting to try this for a long time. I used to have skin problems (oily, combination and acne prone skin) but now my skin is getting better, leaving a lots of scars and unwanted flaws.

Personal Review: I like it but a little bit struggle in covering my flaws. Still acceptable though.

Rate: 3.5/5

Even you are in a lazy mood, at least add some colour to your face! Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher last longer and creates a natural look. You can use it on your lips and cheeks, eyeshadows if you want to! If you by this individually, it may cost you RM 39 after Althea’s discount.

Personal Review: Sweet scent ! This colour creates natural look and suitable to be use when you are in a hurry. This is my first time using a stick blusher and i started to loving it ! But i need to rub it over and over again for the colour to come out. Maybe because i dont really know how to use it lol

Rate: 4/5

Calmia Cleansing Tissue really comes in handy when you need to clean or fix your makeup. It can erase waterproof products too.

Personal Review: My skin is a little bit sensitive and usually i could not use cleansing tissue. But exception to this, it is suitable to my skin, and remove makeup easily. I'm loving it now , seriously!

Rate: 5/5

Not forgotten, this box also comes with 3 different samples of Sunblock from Missha for FREE. Contains spf 50+, it is very waterproof and sweat proof, controlling sebum very well too. No oily feelings like other sunblock. Outdoor activities would not be a worrisome anymore. 

Tada! This is my first time making an unboxing video lol
 (the video might be sooooo boring and lame, 
maybe i should prepare a video i'm using it too soon) 

So how was it? I think this Lazy Sunday box was really worth buying and I love all six products in this box especially the Laneige Toner Pack and Saem Stick Blusher. Thanks Althea !  If you want to purchase this box too, you may visit this link [here].

For more details, you can also visit their;

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

10/17/2017 09:25:00 pm



Sejak akhir-akhir ini, viral pasal product clay mask yang mampu menyelesaikan masalah jerawat. Biasalah, orang semua berlumba-lumba nak kulit cantik. And bukan orang lain saja, Mellya pun tak terlepas daripada terjebak dengan clay mask viral tu. haha As soon as i saw the FB post (entahlah post sapa entah, baca je terus excited nak cuba) , terus buka instagram and search pasal clay mask ni,  nak tau clay mask apa, nama nya tak lain tak bukan, Aztec Healing Clay Mask !

Yang Mellya beli ni yang repack size punya. 100ml Raw Apple Cider and 100g Aztec Healing Clay. Since dengar banyak sangat feedback 'terbaik' dekat online, terus Mellya beli. hehe

'Feel your face pulsate
Facials, acne, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, chilled clay for knee packs and insect bites. Enjoy the benefits of clay in your own home. Beautify & Refresh.'

Aztec Healing Clay Mask ni dalam bentuk powder, so sangat jimat. Rasa 100g ni boleh je tahan 2 bulan or more depends on usage. Macam Mellya, maybe cepatlah habis sebab share dengan adik pastu one week pakai dalam 3 kali atau lebih hahaha seronok pakai ni sebabnya. Clay mask ni mesti combine dengan raw apple cider tau, untuk balance kan pH dia, so that sesuai untuk pakai dekat muka. 

Cara penggunaan: Jangan gunakan metal untuk bancuh tau. Guna kan mangkuk plastic and sudu plastic, even nak sapu dekat muka pun guna kan alat plastic tau sebab kalau guna besi nanti semua zat, nutrient or what ever goodness yang ada dalam clay tu akan hilang.

Nanti lepas letak apple cider tu, clay tu macam meletus tau haha pop pop gitu. tak da meletup gila-gila just bubble-bubble ja. Then kacau, jangan terlalu cair and terlalu pekat tau !

Boleh lah sapu dekat muka lepas tu. But makesure cuci dulu makeup or whatever, bagi muka bersih dulu. Then only pakai. Pakai ni depends on kulit tau, Jangan pakai lelama sangat nanti muka merah gila haha Masa pakai ni memang rasa muka tegang gila, sampai nak senyum pun tak boleh tau ! Abaikan sapuan tidak rata tu hahaha

My Opinion:

Best gila ! Pakai rasa tegang ja kulit. Boleh rasa tau, ketat ja muka.  Jerawat yang ada semua "masak" hahaha Setakat ni parut ada la lagi, sebab pakai pun baru 4 kali. Muka dah kurang berminyak lepas amalkan Aztec Healing Clay Mask ni.  Kalau nak suruh rate obviously 5/5 !

So korang yang ada masalah jerawat, berminyak dan lain-lain masalah kulit, better try clay mask ni. Memang best. Rasanya memang ramai dah cuba ni. hihi Good luck guys ! ❤

*Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and humble review based on my experience. I am not paid for this review and I spent my own money on this product. Result may be vary depends on your skin conditions. I am not liable for any problems that might arise from trying out the product I review here.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

10/10/2017 08:30:00 pm

Kenapa Perempuan Suka Suami Orang?


Malam-malam ni tiba-tiba rasa macam nak update blog. hehe topic apa? entahlah tiba-tiba je dapat tajuk ni. Ingat lagi tak, few months ago,  kecoh tentang kes seorang bini artis dikasari oleh suaminya sendiri lepas kantoi dating dengan perempuan lain? Ingatkan? Dahla dicurangi, pastu dikasari pulak. Hmm sedih betul haa. Mellya penah juga diganggu lelaki yang bergelar suami orang. Ya, memang kalau kita jenis bukan yang melayan and mudah ter"cair" ni, tak pa takkan terjadi lah benda-benda yang tak diingini tu. Yang menjadi tanda tanya, mereka yang kecundang dengan cinta si suami orang ni.. agaknya kenapa perempuan suka suami orang ek?

Kenapa Perempuan Suka Suami Orang?

Soalan ni selalu sangat muncul dalam kalangan perempuan-perempuan bersuami heheh tapi Mellya yang tak bersuami pun musykil jugak. haha so.. ni adalah kemungkinan penyebab kenapa perempuan lebih suka suami orang berbanding lelaki lain yang sememangnya solo. 

Suami orang pandai mengayat?

Suami orang ni pandai bodek, mengorat. haha dia tau weakness point si perempuan. 

Suami orang sangat memahami kehendak wanita?

Nama pun suami orang. Pengalaman banyak, asam garam bercinta semua dia dah ada. Yang perempuan pun mudahlah cair. haha

Suami orang lebih penyayang?

Ada sesetengah perempuan suka pada suami orang yang ada ciri-ciri kebapaan. Biasalah, yang muda-muda tak kahwin lagi tu tak nampak lagi ciri penyayang tu.

Suami orang lebih bertanggungjawab?

Selalunya suami orang ni lebih bertanggungjawab dan caring berbanding jejaka bujang. Sebab diorang ni dah terbiasa dengan tanggungjawab terhadap isteri dan anak-anak. 

Suami orang lebih matang, tak cepat melatah bila selisih faham

Suami orang ni tak da masa nak gaduh hal-hal remeh. Cemburu buta tu memang tak da rasanya 
(ek.. betul ke?) haha rasanyalah kan. nama pun kemungkinan (pendapat).

Suami orang mempunyai pekerjaan dan kewangan stabil?

Tak semua kan suami yang macam ni? Tapi boleh juga jadi salah satu sebab kenapa perempuan suka. Terutama yang datuk-datuk millionaire tu.

So rasa-rasa betul tak sebab-sebab ni? Haha entahla kan, mungkin ada sebab lain lagi yang tak terfikir waktu ni. Apapun jodoh di tangan Tuhan. Harap-harap si perempuan fikir lah sebaik mungkin sebelum buat keputusan dalam hal-hal macam ni.  Adios ❤

Sunday, 8 October 2017

10/08/2017 11:33:00 am

Blog Monthly Maintenance - October 2017


So last month i was planning for few changes on my blog. And as you all know, i also organized a beauty box giveaway, yang akan tamat this month. So those yang masih belum join, you are invited to do so okay? This month, my October's blogging goals:

October's blogging goals:

  • Instagram for my dearest blog, Mellya Crayola
  • Publish at least 20 posts for this month
  • More product reviews
  • To clear my draft box (banyak post yang tergendala separuh jalan, need to clear them)
  • Track my Ad Revenues and Blog Expenses
  • Check Sidebar Links and Blogrolls for Dead Links, Outdated Blogs and Better Links

Harap-harap tercapai lah blogging goals bulan ni. 20 posts tu kira sikit lah kan hahaha but still i'm not sure i can make it. But akan cuba sebaik mungkin , fighting ! Oh ya I am also currently writing in Zalora Zcoop Malaysia, if you are interested to join me, you can contact me via email fhatinameliamusa@gmail.com. Adios ❤

Sunday, 1 October 2017

10/01/2017 09:30:00 pm

Tujuh Rutin Sebelum Tidur Untuk Hari Yang Produktif


Rutin Sebelum Tidur Untuk Hari Yang Productive

Ada yang bekerja 5 hari seminggu, ada juga yang berkerja 6 hari seminggu.. ada juga yang "on call" setiap masa. Rehat dan persediaan yang tak mencukupi memang akan menyebabkan focus kita terganggu di tempat kerja. Apakah rutin sebelum tidur yang harus kita lakukan untuk hari yang produktif?

Tujuh Rutin Sebelum Tidur Untuk Hari Yang Produktif

Plan for tomorrow.

Setiap orang yang ingin kan hari yang produktif wajar ada sebuah buku planner. Plan apa yang nak dibuat keesokan harinya, siapkan pakaian dan barang keperluan untuk hari esok. Barulah tak kelam-kabut.

Relax kan diri, rehatkan minda dengan rutin penjagaan diri

Selepas seharian penat berkerja, pakai pulak makeup seinci, eloklah buat penjagaan muka before tidur ni. Cuci muka (cleanser n scrub), massage sikit muka tu yang letih exercise senyum hehe Toner untuk kembalikan ph kulit wajah, mask untuk relaxkan diri, sambil dengar lagu @ baca buku. 

Technology Off | Charging

Usaha menjauhkan phone. Charge phone kat luar or tempat tinggi sebab phone kalau dekat dengan kita memang susah nak dipisahkan. haha 5 minit bangun tengok phone pulak.

Reading any kind of reading materials that you like ❤

Membaca. Baca 2 page pun jadilah. Orang yang berjaya selalunya habiskan masa sebelum tidur dengan membaca. haha kadang-kadang phone berguna juga saat macam ni, dok baca news dalam phone. (News ke gosip dalam fb?) Lepas tu, review journal, review apa yang nak buat esok.

Yoga atau senaman ringan sebelum menutup mata

Step simple je. Bukan yang pelik-pelik. Contoh cat-cow, child pose, dan spinal twist. Ni antara yoga yang paling mudah untuk dibuat waktu atas katil. 

Set Alarm

Set jam untuk bangun esok. Sebenarnya set dalam hati pun dah cukup, set jam nak bangun pukul berapa InsyaAllah esok mesti bangun. 

Ketuk bantal dan Doa

Bismika Allahumma' ahya wa amutu
Dengan namamu Ya Allah aku hidup dan mati

Yang penting bila dah malam, kalau boleh relax je kot. Spend quality time dengan family. Hal kerja tak sepatutnya dibawa pulang. Orang yang pandai mengatur masa memang productive. ❤