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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Blog Monthly Maintenance - October 2017


So last month i was planning for few changes on my blog. And as you all know, i also organized a beauty box giveaway, yang akan tamat this month. So those yang masih belum join, you are invited to do so okay? This month, my October's blogging goals:

October's blogging goals:

  • Instagram for my dearest blog, Mellya Crayola
  • Publish at least 20 posts for this month
  • More product reviews
  • To clear my draft box (banyak post yang tergendala separuh jalan, need to clear them)
  • Track my Ad Revenues and Blog Expenses
  • Check Sidebar Links and Blogrolls for Dead Links, Outdated Blogs and Better Links

Harap-harap tercapai lah blogging goals bulan ni. 20 posts tu kira sikit lah kan hahaha but still i'm not sure i can make it. But akan cuba sebaik mungkin , fighting ! Oh ya I am also currently writing in Zalora Zcoop Malaysia, if you are interested to join me, you can contact me via email Adios ❤


  1. all the best untuk menulis.. jangan berhenti menulis rugi. hehe

  2. Wow bagusnya Ada objektif mcm ni.. mama ni xde objektif lagi main Dan aje hihii

  3. good luck mellya.. u can do it..

  4. Good luck Mellya!! 20 posts per month tu banyakk jugak untuk akak 😅

  5. Good luck ! bagusnya buat monthly maintenance macam ni !