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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Girls versus Mermaid Skirt


Hola peeps! Stunning sequins skirt huh? Do not panic as I suddenly sharing my interest in wearing mermaid skirt lol Hello, even I’m a skinny girl (seriously but now, gaining some weight after few months staying home haha) 

I’m not rectangle I still got some curve if you want to know 😒😒I had fallen in love with mermaid skirt for a quite long time as it is also super comfy.

Instead of looking at the sight of shimmery sequins, focus on that waistline of this skirt and its hip hugging form. Definitely, easiest way for ANY body type to flaunt their curves. Yes, even you the girl who keeps being told that her body is shaped like a rectangle (like me) haha seriously, don’t be put down by your body shape! Boost your confidence by wearing universally flattering pieces such as the mermaid skirt. So read on and find out why you really need to wear this.

Best for all body types and shapes

Yes, forever the number one reason to wear this beautiful piece - it is universally flattering for all body types and shapes! There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman embracing the beauty of her body. Petite, plus size, rectangle, pear shape you name it the mermaid skirt will always make you look absolutely fabulous. Hey, show us some curves lol not a wood-piece like!

Dress it up or down

Versatility at its best, ladies! 

The main point is it can be worn at any time of any day. Whether you’d like to dress it corporate friendly or professionally for an important business meeting, or for a super cool outfit of the day so you can become an instant street style star, anything is possible when you put on a mermaid skirt. Other than that, the mermaid skirt can also be worn for glamorous events as nothing can beat the mermaid skirt when it comes to the comfort and stunning visuals it brings. Go girl!

"Who you are, where you’re from"

Sounds familiar? Yes, just like the Backstreet Boys song, the mermaid skirt transcends culture and figures. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high end celebrity or a humble Muslimah fashionista - the mermaid skirt is a MUST HAVE in every women’s closet. Despite its body hugging features, you can still wear it modestly by covering up with a good outerwear. There is no end to styling the mermaid skirt. It is made for absolutely EVERYONE.

These are the Top 3 reasons why you need to be wearing a mermaid skirt now. It’s airy enough for humid and hot weather so hey, go ahead and buy mermaid skirt online today! Trust me you gonna love it 💋 I done my research here lol so later I’m going to add one more into my collections too! 😉😉


  1. biasa kalau buat mini kurung mek akan request untuk buat kain duyung :)

  2. sho sexy. I loveeee mermaid skirt . but the thing is, I rasa tak sesuai for me. sebab I pergi kerja naik motor. kalau pergi jalan I kena pakai something yang senang nak berlari kejar anak/mengangkang/ etc etc .hahahah

    1. hahaha dapat bayangkan. sebab ada pengalaman juga pakai kain sendat nak jalan laju xboleh 😅😅 pakai time kenduri ayu gituu hee

  3. CLASS KO MARIA!!! hahahaha.. tak berani guna macam ni :(

    1. heheh skali skala melaram sis cuba leee kihkihkih

  4. Love this skirt...btw dont care about what people will say about size or weight

  5. saya pun antara gadis bersaiz kecik jugak. kira petite saiz la ni ye? hehe. punggung kecik la. mungkin elok kot pakai skirt mermaid ni, kasi nampak curves sikit walaupun tak berapa nak ada curve. huhu