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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Gravityz, World Highest Ropes Course Now in Penang!


Caution. Special entry with lots of pictures due to over excited Mellya. haha Last Sunday is the unforgettable one. Me and my blogger friends, Lyana, El Darwena, Lia Hasty, Olivia and Zyarose had visited The Gravityz, an outdoor adventure platform which is located on level 65 at The Top @Komtar Penang. At the height of 239m with a trail length of around 100m, it is  claimed to be the world's highest ropes course challenge. The Gravityz has been officially launched on 10th February 2018. The Gravityz opens for public daily from 10am to 6pm (depends on the weather too).

Before we head to The Gravityz, we will have to register at the Guest Service counter to get our visitor pass at level 6. A soft reminder for those who would like to try this course, you should be in good health condition without any heart related diseases, high blood pressure, pregnancy, hypertension, and also Acrophobia (They ask us to fill in the form provided and also weight us to check if we are overweight).

The staffs are very friendly and the process is so simple, you just need to key in your details in a tablet provided by the staff in order to get the pass. Then, they will bring you to a place where you will have to pass the security check and head to the lift (the lift will bring you up to the highest level where The Gravityz is located).

Once arrived, we met a lady (i forgot to ask her name though) for safety equipment briefing. But before that we were given a pretty, comfy red t-shirt to be worn during the ropes course. She taught us how to wear the safety equipment in the right way. For your information, their safety equipment is Swiss and Italian made, with certification from the European Union and TUV. 

Oh yess for those who have been asking for what kind of outfit to be worn there, you will just need to wear comfortable pants, as they will provide you a shirt and shoes in case you are not wearing appropriate shoes. (sport shoes are encouraged, slippers or flip flops which is slippery are not allowed).


The changing room and shoe rack. Locker located beside of the shoe rack.


The Departure Tunnel, where adventure begins haha Final check.

The six of us has been accompanied by these two handsome instructors. One will be leading the team and another one will be assisting us from the back. First challenge is the Confidence Path. Walk along the platform facing outwards.... At this moment we are about to enjoy the spectacular view of Georgetown while sitting on the High Bench. hahaha Enjoying the view? Okay i admit, i am not brave enough to sit on the high bench. But still, i succeeded to sit on the lowest bench facing Georgetown!

Next challenge kind of scary too. We are required to walk alone on the hexagonal shaped platforms of A Great Bridge! Hahah i was the last person to walk the bridge. Luckily, this abang willing to take videos for me. (i couldn't shoot by myself as i was soooooo shaking and scared hahaha)

Next is the X Point, which is a lookout point for you to admiring the view. Flying fox for the first time, the Z wire. haha You can see my ugly faces during this challenge. I had a lot of regrets as this one is kinda fun. If only i was brave enough and pose some cute poses. lol


Final challenge is G Rocky, we learnt how to balance ourselves by leaning backwards. Haha the instructor demonstrate to us how to do it and help us all to overcome our fear. At first i couldn't do it as i felt like i was at the edge of falling down. He taught me how to stand comfortably and yeah. I succeed! Theres also a bench, sitting on the bench or standing on a stage-like stand facing outwards is an exciting things to do too. Haha i can sit on that bench comfortably without looking down but not the stage-like stand. I had to hold my friends to stand on it ahahah oh my... now i notice i was actually fear of heights.

The activity takes about 60 minutes to complete, consists of the Preparation Phase (20 min), the Safety Briefing Phase (10 min) and the Actual Trail Challenge Phase (30min).

My opinion:

One of the best experience i ever had. Now i believe that i had overcome a little bit of my fear. The crews surprisingly, are very friendly and helpful and we had a lot of fun there! The facilities are also satisfying, cleanliness are well, taken care by the management and yes, I am satisfied with their services.

Ticket rates range from RM90 to RM399. Login to and follow the steps needed to book your desired, BOOKING your visit date and time slot. Good news for Penangites, special rate of RM79 will be given to you guys! During confirmation of your payment, they will sent you a booking number. So you will have to bring the number on the day of your visit to Level 6 @ The Top, Menara Komtar and redeem your visitor pass.


Yes totally recommended to those who want to try something new and love to challenge themselves! This place definitely helps you to build some confidence and overcome your fears. Hey! I fear of heights too but i manage to challenge myself and finished the world highest ropes courses so why don't you? If you want to face your fear just like me, why not take this opportunity to prove yourself! Btw thanks for reading ❤

Beyond Confidence

65th floor THETOP@KOMTAR, 1, Jalan Penang,
10000 George Town Penang, Malaysia


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  3. wahhhh bestnya! Tengok gambar pun dah rasa gayat but mellya did it. Congrats mell :D

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