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Friday, 15 November 2019

What You Should Know About Wedding Canopy Hire in Klang Valley

Planning that beautiful wedding day of yours and need a wedding canopy hire? Looking to capture that perfect wedding day with that breathtaking sunset by the beach or even the minimalist wedding by a peaceful river surrounded by mother nature’s most beautiful side? Whichever that location might be that you are looking for, there is one thing for certain that you would surely need for your special day – beautiful wedding canopies. 

You must be wondering, “Why would I need that? It’s so expensive!” Hear us out for a moment. It is really going to save you from loads of headache on your wedding day. There are many things in your wedding preparations that can be controlled and predicted. 

However, unfavorable weather conditions are one of those situations which couldn’t be controlled or predicted. The best way to tackle such an unfavorable foe is facing it head on with beautiful and stylish wedding canopies. 

In Malaysia, there is clearly an undeniable uptrend in canopies for wedding merely due to the fact of it fitting so perfectly with the theme. Another added benefit is the flexibility of location choice. 
Here are quick tips and questions you should be asking yourself before hiring
your very own wedding canopy for your big day. 

1. Type of canopy rental needed 

Marque tent, frame tent, Arabian canopy and even pyramid canopy are the types of canopies you could consider having on your wedding day, as each type of canopies cater to different environments and occasions. It is good to take note of which type of canopy you need to fit your wedding theme. 

2. Size of canopy required 

An important question to be asking is “How big of a canopy would be needed?” As pricing of canopies vary significantly based on size, this would be a great opportunity to do some estimation and attendance confirmation to identify the proper size of canopy you would need to hire. 

3. Other wedding rental items that you might need 

Not forgetting the essential items, like industrial fans, portable air coolers and lighting. These are the items you should consider hiring as well along with the canopy. Without them, your fairytale wedding just might turn into a dark human baking machine. 

4. Decorations 

The last but not the least is the all-important decorations! Although small in size and may look a little insignificant, they play a major role in enhancing the magic of your special day. Companies that provide decoration services are like a gift from heaven as clean up services are usually provided as well. 

Overwhelmed by the amount of work lying ahead of you? You can consider hiring Colorz Event to solve your wedding canopy needs if you are in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor locations. 

They have a specialized team of professional planners and executors to help you pick the most suitable canopy for your wedding. They even provide delivery and setup servicing on your wedding day. If you desire, they also provide furniture rental, such as tables and chairs rental that you may require. Wedding planning services are also available if you are required. 

Now then, look no further. Get in touch with their team now via phone call or email today.

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  1. cantiklah khemas besar open air macam ni. sesuai juga untuk tema garden kan