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Monday, 13 November 2017

Produk Skincare Pilihan - Sendayu Tinggi


Previously, Mellya ada post up few entries mengenai produk skincare Sendayu Tinggi. This entry is not a biased entry, i just share what i love and currently used from this local brand ( Makeup pun mostly from this brand, sebab harga dia murah and quality pun okay). So, there are two skincare range yang Sendayu Tinggi dah keluarkan, I already tried both and dah mix, used them until now. 

During skin breakout, I usually use Acne Set only. Tapi bila dah kulit makin okay sekarang, i started to mix both skincare range. Ini antara product Sendayu Tinggi yang masih Mellya pakai setiap hari;

Brightening Series Cleanser
Gentle to your skin, even you tak cuci muka dengan makeup remover pun tak apa. This cleanser cleanse deep to your skin. And sangat melembutkan kulit. You can see the changes in 2 weeks. 

Scar Toner 
Scar toner ni memang best. Dah guna maybe dalam 7 bottle? Parut memang makin hilang but makan masa. Dont expect pakai sebotol hilang terus. haha Each bottle ada lebih kurang 60ml. Kalau jenis jimat cermat 2 months boleh tahan lagi. Cara guna tuang pada kapas and sapu pada area parut jerawat pagi dan malam.

Brightening Series Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Seriously important untuk menegangkan kulit. It helps to tighten your pores and skin, reduce wrinkles and etc. Use it after toner and before moisturiser. 

Brightening Series Moisturiser (water based)
Perfect moisturiser for those yang ada masalah kulit kering, berminyak pun boleh sebab dia sejenis water based yang sangat cepat meresap ke dalam kulit. 

Pearl Cream
This is also a must buy, must try product. For those yang ingin hilangkan parut and whiten your face naturally, face cream ni paling sesuai. However, tak suitable for those with oily skin, boleh nak pakai but you will need to reduce the amount and use setting powder to "matte" your face. You can also read my review here >> Sendayu Tinggi Pearl Cream Review

Acne Cream
This one is the best among the best, dalam Sendayu Tinggi. Untuk mereka yang ada masalah pori besar, this is the best solution for you. Just sapu pada waktu malam, pada area parut atau area pori besar. Perubahan boleh tengok dalam masa sebulan. Seriously, memang pori makin mengecil. This one i haven't review yet. 

Acne Balm
Sapu cuma bila ada jerawat je. For now, I cant find any other solution for my acne, jadi this is the most, or paling best yang setakat ni Mellya jumpa. So, this is a must purchase, setiap kali habis memang beli.. lagi and lagi. You can read my previous review >> Sendayu Tinggi Acne Balm Review

Actually, Mellya bukan pakai product Sendayu Tinggi je, there's a few other brand that i currently using, memandangkan this post is a tribute to Sendayu Tinggi, so i just shared my Sendayu Tinggi skincare products. Mehmeh hehe Maybe i should share other products that i used? Anyway, Thanks for reading ❤

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