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Monday, 8 January 2018

12 New Chapters 365 Chances, My New Year Resolutions


Rasanya tak terlambat untuk post tentang resolutions tahun baru Mellya kan. haha Even though harini dah 8 hari bermula tahun baru. 365 hari, setiap hari adalah peluang untuk mengubah sesuatu tau. So, 2017 resolutions korang, adakah tercapai semuanya? haha tak bagi Mellya sebab ada yang tercapai dan ada juga yang belum tercapai. 

What I've learnt from 2017

Goals comes with actions. Kalau ada azam tahun baru tapi tak da actions, how is it supposed to be fulfilled? hehe maybe adala usaha but its not enough and i admit it thats why some of my goals unfortunately failed to be fulfilled. 

Reasonable goals. You can do anything not everything. Having a lots of goals but you need to ask this question to yourself, "can you fulfill all of them?"

So selepas menginsafi atau muhasabah diri, terhasil lah a list of :

My 2018 New Year Resolutions

Instead of my selfie post, im showing off my untidy table for you to see lol. Setiap orang mesti ada azam tahun baru kan? Including me. So i had a few goals and resolutions yang diharapkan akan tercapai dalam tahun ni. Tak macam tahun-tahun lepas yang hangat-hangat tak berapa nak tahi ayam tu. hehehe

Be confident and stop worrying!

Dear self Mellya, please be confidence with yourself and stop worrying about your past and your future, but live in the present instead.  

Be healthy and drink more water

Mellya hates to drink plain water. For this year resolutions, i will make sure to drink 3 liter of plain water everyday because the goodness i will gain from it. 

Clearer, healthy and pretty skin

I will make sure to take good care of my skin from acne and scars lol ( i hope ) 

Finding new job that you enjoy the most

Dear self Mellya, do not give up and get your ass up. Find and get the job you love the most!

Learn new things 

One of the things, which is important for you is... to polish your language skills Mellya. Read more, watch more and speak more please !

Manage my finance and create a saving plans to commit to

Dear Mellya, savings is important! Its time for you to save some money. 

Keep my friends and family close

Mellya would like to plan a short getaway with my family and friends! Urghh

Give back more to the family and society

I wont share what im planning to do, its a secret haha

Have my own youtube channel

I will try my best to fulfill this lol

Last but not least, i will focus on my business and writing from now onward. 

Goals comes with actions. Kalau ada goals and resolutions but no actions, what is the point of having them? haha btw Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen ❤


  1. semoga tahun ni memberikan 1001 kemanisan buat sis okey ?

    1. untuk sis jugak hehe slamat tahun baru ya :D

  2. Good luck Mellya in your new year resolutions!! Dah ada Youtube Channel nanti, reveal here okay. :)

  3. Happy new year mellya. May all ur dreams come true and may 2018 bring more success and happiness.

  4. Sis doakan semoga segala impian Mellya akan jadi kenyataan, amin.
    Sis pun teringin ada YouTube channel sendiri, may be soon..
    Have a great day!

  5. All the best Mellya, semoga segala impian tercapai

  6. baru ada kesempatan nak singgah sini yang.. apa2 pun have a blast 2018 with great happiness and loves =D