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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

1/31/2018 11:31:00 am

Hello Clear Skin Good bye Panda Eyes with SwissVita SkinLab Malaysia

Just want to share with you my recent pick up items. Few days back, i had received a parcel from allyoung.my (an online shopping and a platform for beauty and health articles) . I was super excited as I couldn't record anything during my unboxing session (please forgive me lol). So here's what I get:

Haha they obviously know the problem 'm currently facing, i guess. I  had received an Acne Solution Soothing Cleansing Cream and 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream from SwissVita. Yes! Swiss Vita which is originated from Switzerland (produce in Taiwan, they are in cooperation with France's biotech laboratory team).

Some facts about Swiss Vita:

With 'SIMPLE x SAFE x Efficiency' philosophy, SwissVita produce paraben-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and sulphate-free skin-care products. They had won several awards in 2016 and 2017. Ingredients use are patent ingredients added only.

Every month there is one time where my pimples start to pop out (adult, hormonal acne). So i guess I need something during this period to get rid of it. Then, I was told that Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream is the best acne face wash to deal with my acne. And it is suitable for oily and combination skin like me that is why I decided to give it a try for my acne fighting mission. 

What it claims to be:
❤ Unclogs and reduces the appearance of pores 
❤ Medical grade products
❤ Anti inflammatory as well as an antioxidant
❤ Citric acid based to treat everything from blackheads to breakouts
❤ Plant extract to balance out oil especially in the T zone area
❤ Improve acne condition within 1 week

Ingredients: Aqua, sodium lauroyl glutamate, sodium cocyl isethionate, propanediol, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, peg-7 glyceryl cocoate, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, citric acid, salicylic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, arginine, fruit extract and others.

How to use: Dispense appropriate amount into hands, add some water and massage your face focusing on your T zone area.Rinse throughly. Can be used daily am and pm.

My personal review: The cream is so soft and tender to my skin. There's no smell (fragrance free) and my skin felt so much cleaner after using it. Also succeed removes oil on my face without drying my skin. Day by day i can see there's some improvement on my skin, it reduce dullness and scars too. After open, it will last until 6 months to expire.

Where you can get it : You can buy it from allyoung.my as currently they are giving RM10 discount for every purchase. I will share the code at the end of the post but here's the link of the product Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream. The retailing price is RM 80 (100g).

I also received Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream and I was really excited to try as it claims to give me an instant lifting for only 7 seconds. Yes, as we aged, our skin starts to wrinkle especially at the eye area and constantly sleep late cause me to have panda eyes. Suitable for all skin.

What it claims to be:
❤ Reduce eye wrinkles, aging, dark circles and puffiness.
❤ Reduce fine lines in 7 days

Ingredients: Aqua, pentylene glycol, niacinamide, propanediol, algae extract, calendula extract, glycerin, Centella extract and others.

How to use : Apply a small dot of formula around eye area after cleansing. Use am and pm.

I accidentally poke open it too hard and it burst a lot of cream. huhu im so sad such a waste! lol you should just re-tighten bottle cap to open there is a sharp point to poke the aluminium seal (aluminium seal is placed to prevent the risk of contamination).

My personal review: The cream dissolve easily. You just need a little amount of it to cover your eye area. Yes could feel the cream tighten your skin (skin around eyes). My panda eyes also getting better now yeayyyyyy.

Where you can get it : You can buy it from allyoung.my as currently they are giving RM10 discount for every purchase. I will share the code at the end of the post but here's the link of the product Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream. The retailing price is RM 115 (15g).

So if you are interested to buy this product, you should head over to allyoung.my as they are giving away RM 10 discount code with  no min spending. This code valid until end of February 2018 : SWA10. You can also buy Swissvita product in their others official online store including Hermo, Zalora and Lazada too. Product also available offline at Aeon Dato Onn, Johor Bahru. For latest updates, check out their updates on : Swiss Vita Malaysia and allyoung (Facebook page)

So this end my review for today. Till we meet again in the next post. Thanks for reading ❤

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

1/30/2018 08:50:00 pm

Start your story with Trollbeads

credit: https://www.facebook.com/TrollbeadsMY/

Have you ever heard about Trollbeads before? Trollbeads is a  jewellery line (just like Pandora and Thomas Sabo.. but much more "senior" than those two) which was established in the year 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was sparked by Soren 'Silversmith' Nielsen when he created the first Trollbeads, which portrays faces and figures. The name 'Trollbeads itself refers to the faces or figures that Soren Nielsen has crafted upon.  Later on his craftsmanship is inspired by mythology, trolls, stories, flora fauna and cultural diversity. Afterwards Soren's sister, Lise Aagaard jumped in to the line and have put together the beads with silver bracelets which initially was beads with leather cord necklace. She became the founder of Trollbeads, and went on to open a jewellery shop. Then, Trollbeads was created in collaboration with the customers when the customers developed the concept of putting several beads on the bracelets.
first bead made by Soren. Looks a little bit scary wasn't it lol

This jewellery line crafts authentic and aesthetic jewelleries ranging from the beads or charms itself, bracelets, necklace, rings and earrings. Quoted from its official website, "Every story has a bead" implies that each beads has its own representation of memories and even personality. Furthermore, Trollbeads let their customers to build on their own story by adding the beads the way they wanted. It is the customers fascination on collecting beads, bracelets and so forth that keeps on fuelling Trollbeads's enthusiasm in jewel making. 
As I was sooooo curious to know, I had made some research on the differences between Trollbeads, Pandora and Thomas Sabo. So, here's what i get: 

Pandora beads fit in Trollbeads chains but not the other way round. Some Trollbeads does fit in Pandora's chain. There's a collection named as Universal Uniques which are designed with large opening so it fits major number of brands such as Pandora and Chamilia.

Trollbeads comes along with the original concept which seems much more traditional and rustic compared to Pandora and Thomas Sabo as they seems to be more towards a modernized approach. Pandora and Thomas Sabo designs are nice and attractive but Trollbeads is a masterpiece, the design looks more handcrafted compared to the others. 

Trollbeads offers different kind of bracelets, necklace, rings, earrings, tiaras, sterling silvers, jewelry and others too.(You can check them out herePandora known for its charms bracelet and Thomas Sabo for its sterling silver and charms. 

Want to start your own story?

You can start by choosing your bracelets or bangle. Next step should be the beads and the lock or spacer. As you can see, I have been eyeing on this fairy tale section. Urgh!

 The designs are superb and very captivating !

Current collections; Valentine's. According to Trollbeads, The Rose Spacer is designed by Anders Martin Bruun. Anders is a designer who has made multiple designs for Trollbeads, but this is actually his first bead with flowers.
Spring Collections. You can watch this short video featuring the beads, rings and necklace from this enchanted forest collection, a new collection for the year 2018. I like the necklace to be honest!

Trollbeads have been in the market for  a very long time. 
Today, Trollbeads can be found both online and offline over 400 countries worldwide.  

 For Malaysians, if you prefer to find them offline :

Trollbeads Mid Valley Megamall
75 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur

Trollbeads Sunway Pyramid
Jalan PJS 11/15
47500 Petaling Jaya 

Trollbeads Vivacity
Jalan Wan Alwi
93350 Kuching 

That's end my short entry about Trollbeads. Hopefully you like this post as much as I do. lol Thanks for reading. Cheers !

 Let your Trollbeads tell the best or most meaningful stories of your life.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TrollbeadsMY/
Website: https://www.trollbeads.com

Monday, 29 January 2018

1/29/2018 10:30:00 am

Atasi Masalah Kulit Sensitif dengan A Drop of Lush Multipurpose Lotion by Ranessa


Mellya sejak kecil lagi kulit memang sangat sensitif. Kena habuk, gigitan serangga sikit je pun mesti akan jadi gatal-gatal and merah-merah satu badan. Time jadi tu mulalah kelam-kabut cari ubat sapu. Dulu kalau jadi macam tu kalut, rushing gi klinik. Sekarang tak payah dah sebab dah ada lotion daripada Ranessa ni. hehe

 Drop of Lush Multi-purpose Lotion dihasilkan di Australia ini bukan setakat meredakan kulit sensitif tapi juga sangat sesuai untuk pelbagai masalah kulit yang lain seperti ruam, eczema, radang kulit dan lain-lain. Size dia yang tak begitu besar ni very handy, memang mudah and senang nak dibawa kemana saja. Pastu bau dia pun sedap dibau, ala-ala aromaterapi gitu uols. 

Info Penting:

🍃100% bebas kimia, alkohol, bahan pengawet
🍃 Gabungan minyak kelapa dara, minyak zaitun dan essential oil terpilih
🍃 Formula baru ada tambahan shea butter dan aloe vera utk lembapkan kulit
🍃 Tidak berminyak atau melekit
🍃 Dalam pump bottle yang mudah digunakan

Texture berminyak sebab tengok ingredients pun berasaskan minyak kan (oil). Bau pun macam segar, minyak angin gitu. hehe Boleh pakai sebagai pelembap lepas mandi. Sebotol mengandungi 50ml boleh tahan untuk sebulan kalau pakai hari-hari. Kira okay lah kan dengan kelebihan nya pelbagai guna atau multipurpose ni sangat berpatutan dengan harga yang ditawarkan. Terbaik dari Ranessa ni. 

Antara kandungan penting Lotion Ranessa : 
Extra virgin coconut oil, Aloevera, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Pogosteman Cablin Oil, Citrus Paradisi Seed Oil dan Citrus Lemon Oil. 

Cara penggunaan: Picit and sapu pada kawasan bermasalah. Boleh je sapu seluruh muka dan badan.

Korang nak tau tak, lotion Ranessa ni bukan setakat boleh disapu untuk merawat masalah kulit, tapi boleh juga pakai sebagai insect repellant tau! Mellya memang selalu sapu lotion ni dulu before kuar jogging dekat taman. Besalah, kawasan pokok-pokok ni macam-macam serangga ada terutama Nyamuk. Sapu je kat kaki tangan, muka pun boleh tau ! Adik Mellya pun menumpang jugak. Sakan dia picit  A Drop of Lush Multi-purpose Lotion Mellya ni. 

Kalau siapa2 berminat dengan lotion aromaterapi ni korang bolehlah tengok di instagram atau FB page Myranessa&Co. Banyak review daripada pengguna Lotion Aromaterapi ni tau yang korang boleh tengok. Nak cepat whatsapp je terus ke 013-5632009  atau click untuk shopping online di shopee: https://shopee.com.my/myranessaHarga satu botol RM69 je tak mahal sangat pun, berbaloi pakai sebab sangat multipurpose hehe However bahan yang digunakan 100% natural jadi korang yang sensitif terhadap bahan natural ni ada baiknya patch test dulu seblum pakai. Btw, rating for this multipurpose lotion sememangnya 4/5 di mata Mellya hehe Thumbs up ❤

Instagram: @myranessa.co
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/myranessa.co/
Mobile: 013-5632009
Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/myranessa

*Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and humble review based on my experience. I am not paid for this review and I spent my own money on this product. Result may be vary depends on multiple factors and your skin conditions. I am not liable for any problems that might arise from trying out the product I review here.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

1/14/2018 05:10:00 pm

Menabung Dengan Money Saving Checklist


Tahun ni Mellya dah berumur 25 tahun. Macam tak percaya je dah tua. haha rasa macam sama je, tak da perubahan tapi dari segi muka maybe lah makin kedut ehhh hehehe So dalam banyak-banyak azam tahun baru Mellya, satu ni memang ongoing punya must do. Apa dia? Simpan duit. Sebelum ni Mellya ada share Cara Untuk Menabung Yang Sangat Efektif Bagi yang belum baca, silakan. hehe entry kalini tercetus lepas tengok entry Mai pasal planner yang viral tu. Bahagian yang paling menarik minat Mellya ialah bahagian "Saving Challenge". 

Money Saving Checklist

Apa sebenarnya dimaksudkan dengan money saving checklist ni? Actually ianya satu jadual atau lebih kita kenal sebagai checklist untuk ditanda, setiap kali kita menyimpan duit kita tick lah satu persatu. Hehe menarik kan?  

Kelebihan 'Money Saving Checklist'
- Boleh set target yang dikehendaki 
- Bina disiplin diri
- Simpan duit lebih teratur
- Capai target on time

Senang je nak buat checklist ni. Jom tengok cara-cara buat 'Money Saving Checklist'

Set target total akhir yang korang inginkan. For example, Mellya nak simpan RM 2600 dalam masa 52 minggu atau 365 hari. Untuk secara mingguan, setiap minggu Mellya kena simpan RM 50. Kalau secara harian, setiap hari Mellya kena simpan RM 7.20.

Draft kan jadual anda. Benda penting yang wajib ada dalam checklist bagi memudahkan rujukan korang ialah calendar 2018, column minggu/hari, tarikh deposit, total, balance, column tick. Nak buat cantik-cantik boleh design sendiri, kalau malas download je dari Uncle Google mesti banyak ada hehe

So bawah ni ada contoh calendar and checklist Mellya. Mellya buat size A5 je. Kecik comel senang nak paste dalam buku. hehe Kalau korang nak letak atas meja or paste dekat board, buatla besar sikit. Bagi nampak clear hahah

Calendar untuk rujukan.

365 hari untuk RM 2600
52 minggu untuk RM 2600

Simple kan? hehe Korang boleh lah buat macam ni jugak. Calendar Mellya buat guna Photoshop, Checklist Mellya guna Words je. Mulanya nak letak background kaler-maler tapi nak print tu sayang pulak ink hahaha so end up tukar jadi putih je. Kalau korang nak boleh drop email untuk Mellya share. Malas nak upload google drive haha

So tahun baru ni jom la sama-sama menyimpan. Mellya dah pasang angan nak try yang RM50 per week tuh. Every week terus transfer RM 50 ke ASB. haa kalau letak dalam tabung ada pulak tangan ni mengorek time-time bernafsu hihihi Kbye! ❤

Saturday, 13 January 2018

1/13/2018 11:54:00 pm

Frasa Drama Korea Yang Selalu Kita Dengar


Anyeonghaseyo. Mood Korea la rini. hehe so buka youtube kita belajar bahasa Korea yep. Frasa-frasa ni memang sering kali kita dengar bila tonton drama Korea. Dengar sebutan depa macam comel je kan. haha Sampai boleh hafal dah la sikit-sikit makna nya. 

Popular Korean Drama Phrases

Saranghaeyo - I love you.
Bogoshipuhyo - I miss you.
Gwenchanayo - Are you okay?
Wae geuraeyo - Why are you being like this?
Baegopayo. Bap mukeuruh ga yo/Bap Mukja  - I'm hungry, lets eat.
Uhtteokhae - What to do?
Michyeosuh? - Are you crazy??
Uhmuh uhmuh, michyeotnabwa - Oh my, must be crazy

Jinjja ? - Really?
Jinjja yabbeuda - Really pretty
Jinjja gwiyupda - Really cute
Jinjja meotjida - Really cool
Joogeulae? - Do you want to die?
Gajima - Dont go

Kamsa Hamnida/Gomawo/Jeongmal - TQ
Ah ni ya - You are welcome/ Its okay or no thanks
Neh/Yeh/Eung/Uh - Yes
Ah Nee/Ah Nee Yoh - No

Mwo Hae? -What are you doing?
Jal ji nae? - How are you?
Jal ja - Good night
Jae bal - Please
Geu rae - Okay
Jal ga - Bye

Dang yeon ha ji - Of course
Mian hae - Im sorry
Wae? - Why?
Joah - I like it
Shi reo - I dont like it

Familiar words kan? hehe Kaki drama Korea mesti perasan frasa-frasa ni. Sebab bunyi bahasa Korea ni sedap didengar and di pronounce kan, sanggup belajar sikit-sikit. haha Lepas ni kalau tengok cita Korea tak da subtitle boleh faham la kot. Ehhh?? hahaha ❤

Monday, 8 January 2018

1/08/2018 09:00:00 am

12 New Chapters 365 Chances, My New Year Resolutions


Rasanya tak terlambat untuk post tentang resolutions tahun baru Mellya kan. haha Even though harini dah 8 hari bermula tahun baru. 365 hari, setiap hari adalah peluang untuk mengubah sesuatu tau. So, 2017 resolutions korang, adakah tercapai semuanya? haha tak bagi Mellya sebab ada yang tercapai dan ada juga yang belum tercapai. 

What I've learnt from 2017

Goals comes with actions. Kalau ada azam tahun baru tapi tak da actions, how is it supposed to be fulfilled? hehe maybe adala usaha but its not enough and i admit it thats why some of my goals unfortunately failed to be fulfilled. 

Reasonable goals. You can do anything not everything. Having a lots of goals but you need to ask this question to yourself, "can you fulfill all of them?"

So selepas menginsafi atau muhasabah diri, terhasil lah a list of :

My 2018 New Year Resolutions

Instead of my selfie post, im showing off my untidy table for you to see lol. Setiap orang mesti ada azam tahun baru kan? Including me. So i had a few goals and resolutions yang diharapkan akan tercapai dalam tahun ni. Tak macam tahun-tahun lepas yang hangat-hangat tak berapa nak tahi ayam tu. hehehe

Be confident and stop worrying!

Dear self Mellya, please be confidence with yourself and stop worrying about your past and your future, but live in the present instead.  

Be healthy and drink more water

Mellya hates to drink plain water. For this year resolutions, i will make sure to drink 3 liter of plain water everyday because the goodness i will gain from it. 

Clearer, healthy and pretty skin

I will make sure to take good care of my skin from acne and scars lol ( i hope ) 

Finding new job that you enjoy the most

Dear self Mellya, do not give up and get your ass up. Find and get the job you love the most!

Learn new things 

One of the things, which is important for you is... to polish your language skills Mellya. Read more, watch more and speak more please !

Manage my finance and create a saving plans to commit to

Dear Mellya, savings is important! Its time for you to save some money. 

Keep my friends and family close

Mellya would like to plan a short getaway with my family and friends! Urghh

Give back more to the family and society

I wont share what im planning to do, its a secret haha

Have my own youtube channel

I will try my best to fulfill this lol

Last but not least, i will focus on my business and writing from now onward. 

Goals comes with actions. Kalau ada goals and resolutions but no actions, what is the point of having them? haha btw Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen ❤

Sunday, 7 January 2018

1/07/2018 09:00:00 am

Cetaphil Penyelamat Di Kala Breakout!


Hi ladies, so i started my 2018 with sensitive, breakout skin. Yeah sedih hahah dah umur 25 tahun ni masih lagi hadapi masalah breakout. Maybe disebabkan oleh my lifestyle? Let's talk about it later sebab this time i just want to share with you guys about ... Cetaphil. Yes! Cetaphil.

Kenapa tiba-tiba Mellya bertukar ke Cetaphil?

Actually i'm not changing into it permanently, it was just because of my hormonal and sensitive skin yang tengah Mellya hadapi sekarang ni. Haha and the usual acne soap from Sendayu Tinggi could not help me this time lol So i was changing it into Cetaphil but still using acne cream and acne balm from Sendayu Tinggi sebab they are marvelous in taking care of my acne! Oh ya for your info due to my current problem too, i turn into Klairs Toner jugak sebab this one suitable for those yang ada masalah kulit sensitif too. 

Besides that another reason for the turnover is, adik Mellya pun hadapi masalah yang sama, suddenly breakout without control and she used Cetaphil. I'm still investigating sebab apa sudden breakout ni hahaha but Alhamdulillah she's back to normal. So Mellya pun... why not?

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Okay for the begining, Mellya beli Cetaphil bersize 125 ml je, harga around RM 20 dekat Watsons. I didn't buy the moisturiser sebab dah ada pun moisturiser kat rumah. So Cetaphil memang sangat sesuai untuk mereka yang mempunyai kulit sensitif like me for certain period of time. Soap and fragrance free and memang tak memedihkan mata waktu mencuci. 

Actually i was afraid to use it, sebab pernah cuba pakai juga pencuci yang jenis macam ni but different bad.. and the result to my skin.. lagi teruk daripada biasa. However, this time everything changes! 

Sebelum Mellya kongsi pros and cons Cetaphil jom check dulu isi kandungan Cetaphil buatan Canada ni;

Ingredients: Purified water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methyl ydroxybenzoate, propylhydroxybenzoate, butyl hydroxybenzoate

Kalau nak pakai menggunakan air, apply and rub pada muka secara lembut ye. Bilas.
If using it without water, apply and rub gently. Then remove excess using soft cloth.


  • The cleanser is so light and muka rasa lebih bersih lepas mencuci.
  • Sangat sesuai untuk kulit sensitif, radang and kemerahan
  • Tak mengeringkan kulit
  • Boleh digunakan tanpa menggunakan air.
  • Menanggalkan sisa makeup yang nipis. 
  • Bukan saja pakai di muka, boleh pakai di seluruh badan juga.
  • Lambat habis compared to acne soap im using before hehe


  • Bila tak da buih rasa macam tak puas pulak hehe
  • Tak dapat bersihkan heavy makeup
  • Tak de fungsi memutihkan or hilangkan parut kalau ada mesti letup haha 
  • Ada kandungan alcohol macam tak sesuai je untuk dry skin (yang ni kena check balik)

Even dia tak ada fungsi memutihkan, but still lepas guna akan rasa or nampak betapa bersihnya kulit korang. So i'm fine with it actually. Other bad consequences, for time being, tak ada lagi, cuma apa yang Mellya mention kat atas je. hehe So for those yang kadang-kadang mengalami moment-moment kulit sensitif tu boleh lah cuba. Oh ya before i forgot, Cetaphil deserve 4/5 stars, well recommended too ❤

*Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and humble review based on my experience. I am not paid for this review and I spent my own money on this product. Result may be vary depends on multiple factors and your skin conditions. I am not liable for any problems that might arise from trying out the product I review here.